Swim Challenge Cascais - Swim for the Ocean
Ocean Recovery Alliance 3 IRON SPORTS
23 & 24 September 2017
  • World Open Water Swimming Series
    World Open Water Swimming Series
    Cascais is a member of World Open Water Swim Series, one of the 16 world’s best open water swimming competition.
  • Percurso
    On the beautiful Cascais bay
    The competitions will take place on a rectangular path starting at Praia da Duquesa beach on this beautiful bay. Our races will be accomplished in several laps.
  • Prova Kids
    Swim Challenge Kids 400m, 200m e 200m extra
    Never so many children swam in Open Water.
    Bring your children and and have an unforgettable experience!
  • Milha Open
    3,8 KM / 1,9 KM Challenge
    Our competitions 3,8k and 1,9k are open to all participants and the use of isothermical suit is permitted. The finishing line and transition between laps are outside the water.
  • Milha Open
    Medals and caps Swim Challenge
    All finishers will receive a medal and the event swimming cap.
  • Segurança Barcos e Canoas
    The security of all participants will be ensured by the competitions’ boats that accompany the swimmers during the entire course


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We will be back in 2017

We will be back in 2017 for the 6th edition of the Swim Challenge with great races!

The Event

Swim for the Ocean!


According to your experience and physical shape choose your next experience:

  • FINA Races(to federated swimmers)- Mile
  • Open 3,8k and 1,9k (to all swimmers, isothermical suit allowed, transition and finish line outside the water)
  • Gills or Lungs? Kids 200m and 400m (including extra competition where is allowed to be accompanied by an adult)


The circuit is a rectangular path starting at Praia da Duquesa with two or more laps.

Previous Editions

Know or remember the previous editions through the videos below:

Competing or simply for the thrill of participating. Join us and Swim for the Ocean!

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